In October we often have beautiful autumn weather for weeks on end. The meadow saffron is flowering in the alpine meadows and reminds us that autumn is coming to an end. Animals can now be seen grazing all around the village. Sheep, goats and cows eat the last grass before disappearing into their sheds for the next six months. There is an incredible variety of animals, particularly cows. Angus cows, Rhaetian cattle, Eringer cows, Simmental and Holstein all graze peacefully side by side. The way the mother animals are kept is also new, and even the larger calves still drink from their mothers. Several families now look after their own pigs, which have been fattened on the alp with whey from the cheese-making. They will now be fed with potatoes and kitchen scraps for about two months before being slaughtered just before Christmas. Another cattle show takes place on the school playground.It is not unusual for the snow-level to come down to the village at this time of year. Although the snow in the village usually melts within a few hours, it settles on the glaciers and in the higher regions. All the colours are very intense in autumn. The sky is steel-blue, the colours of the deciduous trees range from yellow to red and the mountain peaks are snow-white.
Hiking is particularly enjoyable now. Because the higher regions are already snow-covered and the ground is frozen you must adapt your route to the weather conditions.
The nights are getting colder and fires have to be lit in the evenings. The wood has usually been chopped in October and piled up to dry. It is often flown from the forest into the village by helicopter. Particularly when a Föhn storm has caused a lot of damage firewood can be bought very cheaply. Usually only the transport has to be paid for. The wood then has to be stored in a dry place for a year so that it will burn well. For this it is piled up neatly against the walls of the houses.