The first half of the month is often quite warm. The occasional undaunted flower can still be found. The farmers are busy raking up the fallen leaves on the meadows which they then put into nets to use in the cowshed in winter instead of straw. The liquid manure is then spread over the fields. Around the middle of the month there are usually a few heavy autumn storms. When the ‘Föhn' dies down after a few days the first snow falls. The sheep and goats who are still grazing on the last remnants of grass have to spend the nights in their sheds. The foxes seem to like our village.
If you keep your eyes open in the evenings you are bound to see Reynard the Fox making an inspection of the village street. This year a few foxes drove the farmers to despair. Not only did they visit the henhouse at night, taking a few hens with them, but they also started coming in broad daylight. Since the gamekeeper has started lying in wait with his gun behind the henhouse they only appear at night. I love the first sno falls. The village is shrouded in a glistening white coat and there is a gleaming light when it is sunny. The blanket of snow deadens all noise so that the joyful shouts of the children as they pull their sledges up the hills and have fun in the white splendour can be heard all the better. When there is a lot of snow they like to jump off high walls landing in the soft, deep snow. Here and there the first Christmas decorations hesitantly appear, a few candles, fir branches or wreaths. As there are usually very few tourists it is just the locals by themselves. While the cableway is closed for maintenance the winter weather usually returns. During maintenance the cableway is thoroughly checked over and thanks to this there have never been any problems. In spite of maintenance work (which usually takes a week) you can still get to Gimmelwald. Normally you can take the mountain railway from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren (or the cable car straight from Stechelberg to Mürren), where a minibus picks you up and drives you down to Gimmelwald in 20 minutes.