In the first weeks of December there is often a lot of snow, and it can be very cold. You could go skiing everywhere at this time, but the skiing season doesn't usually start until the second weekend in December. I like to go walking in the snow. It's incredibly romantic trudging through the deep snow to the Allmi forest and climbing up the Schiltgrat. You are all alone as the ski lifts are still closed. There is something magical about the untouched countryside covered in fresh snow. Towards the middle of the month there is often a typical ‘Christmas thaw'. The temperature rises above zero and the snow starts to melt as in March. Tension rises just before Christmas if there isn't enough snow. It is, however, always possible to ski on the Schilthorn, which is 3000m high. The weather forecast is the same practically every day: grey low down, blue up above. That means that in Gimmelwald we have glorious weather while central Switzerland is fog-bound. The women of the village are busy preparing advent windows. A window decorated for Christmas is lit up every evening in a different house until 24th December.
Walking through the village for half an hour in the evening you can get into the Christmas spirit as you enjoy this custom. During the week before Christmas the holiday flats and hotels start filling up. It is practically impossible to find a free holiday flat or hotel room for Christmas as they are all booked long in advance. In the week between Christmas and New Year it often gets colder and the long-awaited snow arrives. Where the snow cannons had until now given nature a helping hand, they are now superfluous as enough snow falls itself overnight.
The organic farmers of the village always organise a Christmas market in Mürren where they sell their products. They have a wide range of organic produce from Gimmelwald. In recent years direct marketing has experienced a great upswing and many farms hang out signs saying that they have farm produce for sale.